About Me


I'm Dani, a twenty-something English and Creative Writing degree graduate from Birmingham, UK.
Some things about me:

I have two jobs; I'm a bookseller at Waterstones (where I've been for over four years now) and a marketing assistant at a little Birmingham-based children's books specialist.

The first book I remember reading on my own was The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson. I still have my copy. It's been read so many times that I had to tape the spine together. It's manky, but I refuse to let it go.

I am currently trying to find employment in a publishing house as an assistant editor. I am also writing my debut novel.

I once wrote a short story for my younger brother, in which his imaginary friend (a dragon called Artie) died. I was sent to my room and instructed to destroy it.
It still exists.

I am obsessed with elephants. I got a cuddly elephant when I was 3 (his name is Hector and he lives on my bookcase), and it's been a beautiful, big-eared love affair ever since. I currently have twenty-two (cuddly and ornamental) elephants in my room, and I fully intend on continuing to grow this collection.

I love baking, and if I baked as much as I want to, I would weigh about the same as my house (contents included). My favourite baked treat of the moment is the cherry marzipan loaf I made for my brother's 15th birthday. It was to die for!

I used to have a fish phobia, but I kicked its ass.

I look 20-something, but my real age is 80. I love pretty teacups, antiques and fluffy slippers. All I need now is to stop being allergic to cats and we're good to go.

I love stationery. I have quite an extensive collection of notebooks and pens and my parents bought me a vintage Sheaffer fountain pen as my graduation present. I then bought myself a Victorian writing box for it to live in. I find nothing more pleasurable than getting them both out and scribbling down a scene or two on a quiet afternoon.

When I'm not selling books or writing them, you'll find me cuddled up on the sofa, a book in one hand and a cup of English Breakfast in the other.

If you fancy following me and my adventures, feel free to follow me on twitter or like my facebook page. Or send me an email at [email protected].

We can grab a cuppa and have a good ol' chat! :)

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