Review Policy

I am very particular about my reviews. I have certain rules that I stick to each time I sit down to write a book review, to make sure that I deliver, in the best way, my opinion of the book, but without giving too much away about it.
My first rule is that I will always give an honest review, and let my readers know how I felt about the book while I was reading it, and how I feel about it once I've done.
My other rule is that I will never involve any spoilers. I know how much I hate it when I go to read a review of a book I'm interested in, that is apparently safe to read (i.e. there are no spoiler warnings), and discover something about the plot in the review that ruins the story for me. I promise never, ever to do this. This is my number one rule.
However, please note that if a book is not the first in the series, and you've not read the book(s) preceding the one I am reviewing, there are likely to be spoilers to the books before it. I will always put warnings up on the post, though, and this will only happen for books later in series, never at the beginning.

So what about my ratings? I no longer do just star ratings, but ratings by bookerfly. These wonderful little creatures can be seen flitting around the enchanted toadstools in Pen to Paper's new blog header, but a few of them have escaped to help me rate the wonderful novels that I read.
These ratings are:

At the moment, due to the high volume of review books I have, and the high request rate I get, I will not be able to accept many new review books from self-published or indie published authors at this moment in time. You can still drop me an email and see, but please don't be offended if I can't accept your request for the moment. I can however, suggest other bloggers who may be able to accept your requests.
I will still look at doing guest posts and interviews with authors, but reviews will possibly not be accepted at this time.
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