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Gail Carriger **Author interview**

Gail Carriger is the New York Times Bestselling author of the Parasol Protectorate series, which so far includes four books; Soulless, Changeless, Blameless and Heartless, with the fifth book in the series, Timeless, being released on March 1st (UK release). Last week, I reviewed the first in the series, Soulless. If you missed this review, click here.
We have been lucky enough, here at Pen to Paper, to have Gail accept our friendly invitation to tea. While sipping Twinings and munching biscuits, we had a lovely little chat about Soulless, the characters, and of course, tea, treacle tart and parasols.
So I'm delighted to be able to introduce you to the lovely lady herself!

LinkWho would you say is your favourite character? And which character would you rather have round to tea?
I adore Lord Akeldama because he is so deliciously fun to write – all that mad italic–wielding action. I’m under the impression you need only read him to understand why he would make a very diverting tea guest.

Speaking of tea (as we so often do), which type is your personal favourite?
Twinings gold label (black box) English Breakfast imported from the UK. It is stronger and milder in flavor than the American (or red box) version. I take it milky but strong with no sweetener.

Which character do you believe to have the best dress sense?
Biffy, closely followed by Madame Lefoux. Biffy has a bit more imagination and when he helps Alexia dress is when she is at her most beautiful. Biffy has impeccable taste and knows what suits any figure.

What did the treacle tart do to deserve such an undignified and sudden demise?
Heh heh. I loathe treacle tart. I have a terrible sweet-tooth and really love most desserts, but treacle tart is just disgusting. It's an inside joke that my main character loves it so very much.

Will Alexia ever be able to see past the larger-than-normal nose and tan skin, and realise that she really is a terrific woman?
I think she realizes she has something special, but she will never be a proper Victorian lady. But that is part of what makes Alexia human. Most of us struggle against what society expects in some way or another, self confidence is often something that comes with age and wisdom, if you're lucky. I suspect Alexia will get there in the end.

Do you think that, given the opportunity, you and Alexia would be friends?
Nope. I think we'd probably hate each other.

Just how many hats does Ivy own exactly? Are they all so offensively, terrifyingly hideous?
Oh just you wait, she only gets worse. When I'm done with her, she'll own thousands and influence a whole new trend in headgear throughout the Empire.

Will Alexia ever get to meet another preternatural?
That, I am afraid, is scientifically impossible.

If you had the chance to bop one of your characters on the head with Alexia's trusty Parasol, who would you choose and what was their offence?
Felicity. She just needs a good head-bopping. And occasionally, Lord Maccon. But generally speaking he who needs a parasol bop, generally gets one from Alexia at some point in the series.

Out of the book in the series published so far, which is your favourite, and what makes it so?
I'm terribly fickle, the book I love is always the one I just finished and never the one I am currently working on. So I have to say Timeless, the last in the series, which comes out next month. Out of the ones that are already out, I'd probably choose Changeless, kind of the red headed stepchild of the series, but the one with the most world building and the most clues as to the true nature of Alexia's Preternatural abilities and the great secrets behind the octopus.

If you'd like to read more from Gail about herself, Alexia or the rest of the series, you can read the never-ended interview on her website. CLICK HERE to view it.

You can also get yourself entered for a change to win a copy of Soulless, in my Dreaming of Books international giveaway, which ends January 18th at 23:59 EST. CLICK HERE to go and get yourself entered!

Timeless is now available for pre-order. Please click on the links below:

The Book Depository | Waterstones

Amazon UK | Amazon US | Barnes&Noble



Really enjoyed the interview - thanks! I'm a little behind because I've just read the first book, Soulless, but I was charmed right away by the original premise.

Chocolate Chunky Munkie said...

Just brilliant Dani! I love the questions :D and of course Gail's answers :)

This is one of my favourite series and I eagerly await the release of Timeless.


toni d. said...

thanks so much for the interview Dani! I've just read Soulless a few days ago and finished Changeless last night. Can't wait to get started on Blameless today! I loved Soulless so much I even started a board on Pinterest for the series:

Maria said...

I own a parasol too! Lovely!

Frishawn Rasheed said...

thank you so much for this wonderful peek into the world of my favorite authoress EVEAH!

Colleen said...

I can't wait to start reading this series! It sounds like a lot of fun, and Ms Carriger seems like a lovely lady in all the interviews I see/read of her. :)

My favorite tea is Twinings Darjeeling. :)

Pen to Paper said...

Colleen, I highly doubt that you will be disappointed. I think it may take the first chapter to get used to the written style, but after that, once you're into the novel, you won't be able to put it down! I'll be reading and reviewing the second one soon!

Glad you enjoyed the interview!

Dani :)

Nedraw said...

Great interview! I enjoyed reading it and since I didn't really know anything about the books I went back and read your review. This series sounds simply wonderful. I too love the Sookie Stackhouse series so anything similar to those is a must read for me!

Linda Henderson said...

I enjoyed the interview very much. These books are on my wish list and I hope to be reading the whole series soon.

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