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Jaime Lea and the Bumblebee Bee **Giveaway** International + UK winners

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Those of you that have been a follower of my blog for a while will know that Pen to Paper did not always look this beautiful (yes, there was a time when it wasn't like this!), and you will also know then, that the blog had a massive transformation back at the new year.
This beautiful new design was created by my wonderful boyfriend, Matt, who is an Illustration University graduate. Since graduating, my blog is obviously not the only project he has worked on - nor has it been the largest! His biggest project is the one that this post is all about.
A few months ago, Matt's Dad started writing a set of children's poems about a boy called Jaime Lea (pronounced Jamie), who is a little boy in a wheelchair, who wonders what it would be like to be a bumblebee. This is his only proper wish, and as he is such a good boy, a garden fairy appears and grants this wish. It's a lovely story, and this is what Matt had been working on illustrating for his Dad. Obviously, the book is even more stunning with Matt's illustrations!

So, why are we here? Well - the book is now in print (self-published by Matt and his Dad), and we thought that it would be a wonderful idea (seeing as my blog design is loved so much), to have a giveaway of the book, to set Jaime free into the world!
So, I have two copies of the books to give away! As we are in the UK, one of these books will be UK only, but the other copy is going to be for an international giveaway, and so anyone can enter!
The rules of this giveaway are simple:

  • If you are a UK entrant, please only enter the 'UK only' giveaway. If you are outside of the UK, obviously only enter the international giveaway. We need to make sure that when we draw the winners that one is UK and another is outside of the UK, and we don't want anyone to be disappointed. 
  • You do not have to be a follower of Pen to Paper to enter this giveaway, but this is an optional entry. 
  • The mandatory entry for entering this giveaway is to like the Jaime Lea and the Bumblebee facebook page. Entries after this are all optional, but must be completed in full. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrants who have not fulfilled the entry requirements (either for the mandatory entry, or for the extra entries), so please make sure you fulfill them. 
  • Please do not leave your email address anywhere on this blog. I use Rafflecopter to keep your details safe, so please take advantage of that.
  • This giveaway will end on June 30th 2012

UK only Rafflecopter

Rest of World Rafflecopter


Beathesbokhylle said...

I would like to join this Giveaway it`s seem like a nice book:-)

Have a nice day

Beathe from Norway

Pen to Paper said...

It is a beautiful book, Beathe!
Good luck! :)

Schez said...

Hi Beth! I've only been follwing you for around a month or so, but I found you through "Blogaholic"... Your web page is absolutely stunning :-)

I am usually found at:, but I am also at, where my "assistant" (my two year old son) and I; review children's piture books... (It's not been around long but it's loads of fun!)

I am so intrigued by this book, and so have entered the giveaway... I am trying to get into writing for children myself, but have never consinderd self-publishing before... that whole world sounds too scary... So huge congratulations to matt and his dad for getting the work out there!

An exciting giveaway!

Schez said...


I am so, so sorry! Why on earth have I written Beth?! Please forgive the fuzzy, bumbling baby brain over here! I don't think I was fully awake and had just been responding to a lady named Beth... You could roast marshmallows on these red cheecks over here! Sorry Dani (I know... like, Duh!)

Astri Nasthasia Videlia said...

Wow... Love this Giveaway... thank's for making it International.. and give a chance to win this book... ^^

Pen to Paper said...

I Schez - don't worry! I have my mornings like that too ;P
Thank you for all your kind comments! Matt works really hard on all of his illustrations, and as you can see, it definitely pays off!

Good luck with the giveaway, and of course with your own writing! Maybe you could consider self publishing in a digital format? :)

Dani :)

Jaycee said...

Schez, I'm glad it is not only me who does this! Just sent an email to my daughter, that was to go to my son!!! She's going to laugh when she reads it as its full of motorbike & car things, which sadly for me she doesn't have a clue about!
I've not even got a baby as an excuse, so I'll just say its Monday, which I'm almost sure today is!

Would really love this for my grandson Jake, he's 21 months old & loves books already, can't wait to go & see him next weekend to get some cuddles & read him some stories. He loves animal books. He has his own little book case in his room, most of his books are the big cardboard ones as his little fingers find pages hard, but he loves sitting on your lap whilst you tell him a story and show him the pictures. I read to him on Skype as they live almost 200 miles away, but visit time nearly here, not seen him in the flesh for six months, but Skype almost daily.
I've got him a good supply of new books to take over & I'll enjoy every minute of my time with him & my daughter. Can't wait can you tell? LOL.

Megan @ Books and Teacups said...

I know a little boy who would looove this! ;) Gorgeous illustrations.

Jenn@OwlReadIt said...

I would love to win a copy for my daughter! I'm trying to get her to love reading, and so far she loves books, so hopefully! Also, I accidentally put two entries into the UK only rafflecopter because I'm a sad sleep deprived mommy going on 4 hours of sleep :( Can you remove them for me, Jennifer Allen. I'm sad I did that, sorry!

I love the illustrations! The bee is so cute!

Mrs Bee said...

Thank you for this brilliant giveaway!

Felicia said...

I wasn't paying attention and I'm really sorry but I entered the UK giveaway before I realized it wasn't "US" but "UK". I'm sorry!

Schez said...

Thank you Dani, I was so embarrassed when I realised what I did LOL.
Self publishing on a digital format? Hmmm,I wonder... definitely something to consider. The world of publishing is huge, I wouldn't know where to start! :-)

Thanks again (phew!)

Pen to Paper said...

It's much easier to go that route nowadays - especially with Amazon Kindle self-publishing, and!
I'm sure you'll manage just fine! :)

margie c {the bumble girl} said...

Aw, I love anything and everything that has to do with bees! Cute! Thanks for the chance :)

Amanda Ray said...

This book sounds wonderful. As a mom and a nurse, it's important for children to learn to accept others regardless of ability. This would be a great book for my nieces (who are 4 and 5) as well as my step-granddaughter who is 2. Thank you for the chance to win it!

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