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The Repossession by Sam Hawksmoor **Review & International Giveaway**

The Repossession
by Sam Hawksmoor

Series: Repossession #1
Pages: 512
Publisher: Hodder Children's
Release date: 1st March 2012
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Goodreads synopsis:
34 kids missing. Vanished without a trace.

Believing she is possessed, Genie Magee's mother has imprisoned her all summer encouraged by the sinister Reverend Schneider. Beautiful Rian, love of her life, sets her free, and their escape washes them up at Marshall's remote farmhouse downriver. But why are there newspaper clippings of the missing kids pinned to Marshall's bathroom wall? And should they believe his stories about the experiments at the Fortress, an underground research station nearby?

Genie meets Denis. Missing two years now, but hasn't grown an inch. Rian is haunted by Renée, who insists she's not actually dead. Soon they discover the terrible truth about Reverend Schneider and worse, Genie is next ... and Rian can't do a thing to prevent it.

The Repossession is just the beginning.
When I first heard about this book, I thought that it was going to be a really good, new Dystopian series - from the cover, it certainly looks like one, and it does have futuristic technology in it, as well as an element of fantasy.

However, what the book actually turned out to be, was more a science fiction thriller. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just that I had expected something a little different to what I actually received.
The premise of the novel is a really interesting one. It's set in Spurlake - a small town in Canada, where 34 children have mysteriously gone missing, over a period of a couple of years or so.
The story kicks off with Genie, the female protagonist, being locked in her room and aaccused of being the devil, by her own mother, for displaying a 'gift' (which is the fantasy element that I mentioned above. This isn't really mentioned much, past the beginning of the book, though). While locked away in her room, a face appears on her wall - that of the latest child to go missing from the town - who warns her that she is next. At this point, her boyfriend, Rian, breaks her out of her makeshift prison, and together they attempt to escape Spurlake, only to end up at a farm, a few miles outside of town.
At the farm, they meet Marshall; an ex-scientist, who used to work for the Fortress, and with him, they begin to discover exactly what has happened to the missing children, but in doing so, put themselves in the line of fire.
Obviously I'm not going to tell you any more, seeing as saying more could potentially lead me to tell you something that the various synopsis' online don't tell you, but the idea behind what has happened to the children, is a really interesting one, and it definitely piqued my interest.
This interest was also held throughout most of the rest of the book. I did find myself skim reading a little somewhere around the middle of the book, but apart from that, I was keen to carry on reading and find out what would happen next. It was also really well-paced all the way through - so there weren't any parts of it that were too slow, or too racy - the pace was just right for what was happening, and every page took the plot somewhere new.
However, I did have a couple of problems with the book (one I can't mention due to spoilers). The first, and largest problem, was Rian and Genie's relationship. We don't actually get to see their relationship develop at all. We're just informed through Genie, at the beginning of the book, that they found each other, fell in love, and would suddenly do anything for each other - In Rian's case, this included pulling an entire window out of a brick wall, to get Genie out of her bedroom, and then quit school to run away with her. Nothing about this felt natural, or even realistic to me, and I just didn't believe in their relationship at all.
Saying that, though, I did grow accustomed to it, later in the book, but I had to try hard to ignore my doubts about just how realistic they were, both as characters, and as a couple.
However, despite my problems with the book, I did want to continue reading to find out what would happen next.

I would want to say more about the plot, because the idea behind the technology in the book was pretty good, and definitely makes it worth reading - as does the evil corporation behind the technology - but I can't really say any more than this, because the synopsis doesn't explicitly reveal what it is, and I wouldn't want to spoil anything, for anyone.
Take it from me, though; the revelation about what is going on, is really exciting!

As for the characters, I've already mentioned what I think about the two protagonists, but there are characters in the book that I did really like.
For me, the best character was Marshall, but not because I liked him any better than the others - he just felt much more realistic to me. He used to be a scientist, working on the experiments at the Fortress, before the children began to go missing. However, after an accident, that caused him to lose one of his legs, he was retired to the farm, at the edge of the Fortress' property.
When the children begin to go missing, he is convinced that the Fortress have something to do with it. His character begins to feel more real to me, when he, Genie and Rian, discover evidence of what is going on beyond the Fortress' walls.
Marshall is then caught between his sense of morality (he knows and feels that what they are doing is wrong, becomes angry, and looks to help stop them), and a feeling of great excitement, at the prospect of the scientific breakthrough that has been achieved. This is exactly how I would expect his character to react, had he been a real person, and so he becomes much more believable, because of this.

Overall, I did really enjoy this book. It was fast-paced and exciting, and the premise was really interesting. However, at times, I wish that it had felt a little more natural, rather than like it was being forced along.
I was interested enough in the story, to want to continue reading, though, and I definitely want to find out what happens in the next book, The Hunting (the ending was particularly exciting)!
So overall, an entertaining read, but nothing overly special. I would probably recommend this to younger teen readers, as I think they'd get more out of it that I did, as an adult reading YA, but it is still light, easy and entertaining for any fan of YA fiction.

Note: The sequel to The Repossession, The Hunting, is also now out in Paperback, published by Hodder Children's Books! Find it on Goodreads
Find it on: Book Depository | Amazon UK | Waterstones | Amazon US

And now for more excitement - an international giveaway of The Repossession, courtesy of the wonderful people at Hachette UK!
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Allie Platt said...

this sounds fantastic. one for the wishlist, I think :)

kimbacaffeinate said...

Bummer about that the relationship didn't feel genuine. I do like that it is a mystery thriller. Awesome review :)

nrlymrtl said...

I like how this book turned out to be not quite what you were expecting - more of a scifi thriller, which sounds very intriguing to me.

Tara said...

Sometimes it's awesome when a book wasn't what you were expecting - but this sounds good either way! Thanks for the review!

Jenn@OwlReadIt said...

Yay for being based in Canada!! I agree with from the synopsis and the cover it completely sound like a dystopian/sci fi. It sounds really interesting and I'm glad you did enjoy it, even if it wasn't one you loved.

Evie said...


Eriele Japsay said...

A science fiction thriller! I would admit that I had never read something like that before. I would love to read this out!: D

Chocolate Chunky Munkie said...

oooh lovely review. I got this one sat on the tbr pile :D I can't wait to get started.

Jen xx

Lisa Harwood said...

I love reading books which have a sci-fi theme. I love the cover, its very intriguing! But I hate it when relationships don't seem to grow throughout the book. I would still give this a read though

Enchantedbooks said...

This one sounds so cool. I love the whole science fiction theme going on here I havent read many of those. The characters seem so exciting aswell.

Ellie Warren said...

I like how the cover looks like she's dissolving into glitter.

Lady said...

Love the dark cover. ;)

Steph said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I really love thrillers, so I'm glad that this is like a sci-fi thriller. The premise sounds like something I'll really like.

Sue Moro said...

The cover of this book is awesome, but your review definitely makes me want to read the story. I must know what's happening to the kids now!

erin said...

thanks for the review! This book sound fantastic :)

Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

I hadn't heard too much about this book yet, so I truly appreciate hearing what you thought about it.
My first thoughts while reading the synopsis were of a dystopian storyline, but there's nothing wrong with a little sci-fi!
Thanks for the giveaway!

sienny said...

i am a definite cover lover. every time i saw a book with gorgeous cover, i want to read that book. and this one is no exception. thanks!

fuonlyknew said...

Sci-fi/thriller. Interesting. You were quite thorough in breaking down the story and I like your honest about skimming a bit. Also happy to hear the book kept drawing you in. About the insta-love thing. That isn't that important to me either, unless that is all the story is about. Glad to hear there is much more to this. After your review, I want this even more. Thanks so much.
laura thomas

marybelle said...

THE REPOSSESSION sounds scary good. It says a lot about the book that you persisted.

Suz said...

This book looks so original! I am glad to read that you liked the book because after reading the blurb, I am very interested! I like your comments about the good pace and that it is entertaining, even if the characters weren't as realistic as you wanted. Thanks for the info!

Bivolaru George-Cristian said...

Interesting.i like cover original sci-fi thx

Jaime Lester said...

The Repossession has a cover that would draw me in from a mile away, and the blurb is definitely interesting. It is always a little bit before I can get settled in a book anyway, but when I go into a book expecting one thing, and get another, it takes me a little longer. But, usually I do get pulled into pretty much any story that I hold in my hands. I am easy that way I suppose. Anyway, I will definitely read this one when I get the chance. It has an air of mystery surrounding it, especially after your review, that is begging me to get in there and figure it out. So, that is what I plan to do. Thanks for the chance to win!

Leonor (Ner) said...

Great review. This book didn't actually interested me but after your review, I might reconsider it ^_^

XX Ner

nurmawati djuhawan said...

i really want to know why 34 kids is missing...
so i must read this book...
i hope i win this one..or i must buy the books from bookstore... :)

Lissette Martinez said...

I'm a fan of YA fiction, I think I'm going to love this book. Thanks for the review is really interestig, sounds like a great reading.

~Jennifer~ said...

I thought it was a dystopian novel, too, but I def enjoy scifi thrillers, too.

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