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**Blog Tour** Faceless by Jus Accardo [Denazen #2.5]: Guest Post & International Giveaway

I am a huge fan of Jus Accardo and the Denazen series, so of course, when I was asked if I would like to take part in the blog tour for Faceless (the second short story for the series, that takes place after book two, Toxic), I leapt at the chance.
Because I have already interviewed Jus in the past (click here to read it), this time I opted for a guest post from Jus, and I think you're going to love it - especially if you're already a fan of the series!
But first, here is a little bit of quick info on the book.

Series: Denazen #2.5
Pages: 138
Publisher: Entangled
Release date: 18th March 2013

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Goodreads synopsis:
If you have not read the previous books in this series, do not read this synopsis, as it contains spoilers.

My name is Brandt Cross, and I died. Again…  I'm living in the body of a Six named Douglass Cain, a certifiable scumbag whose ability is on Zendean Industries—AKA Denazen's—most wanted list. There’s some serious bad going down, and Ginger, the leader of the Underground, sent me undercover to obtain information because people are dying.  My cousin, Dez, is dying… Denazen thought they’d found a cure for the Supremacy decline, but they were wrong. That’s the bad news. The good news? Franklin Wentz.  Wentz, the owner of a genetic research company, is brilliant and just a little bit crazy. He’s unwittingly created a formula that may cure the sick Supremacy kids, and everyone wants it—including Devin, the super hot Resident. Get the formula. Save the day. Don’t fall for the hot spy. Piece of cake.

Everything in life has rules.

Never stand while the vehicle is in motion. Do not tear the tags off a mattress. In San Francisco you’re not allowed to pile horse manure more than six feet high on a street corner. (I guess five feet is okay, though?)

Rules, rules, and more rules.

Obviously most rules are in place to keep us safe. Running with scissors really is a bad idea—especially for a klutz like me. Some though… Some are meant to be broken.

Writing, in my opinion, is about doing what works for you. Has someone told you how you do things is against the rules? I say screw their rules. The human mind is a pretty epic thing. Like snowflakes, no two minds are exactly the same. Something that works well for one person isn’t necessarily going to work for another.

I’m an organic writer. I don’t plot or outline. I don’t think too much before I start to write. I sit down in front of the keyboard and typetypetype. I guess you could say I don’t control my ideas—they control me. I remember when I first started out. I joined a critique group—my very first. I was new to writing. At least, writing with professional aspirations. I didn’t really fit with that first group, but something they said to me will always stick with me.

They said if I had any hope of making writing a career, I needed to follow rules. Outlines and plots. Planning in excruciating detail. There’s no way you can organize an entire book without it, they told me.

The rules…

My response?

I’ve never been a stickler for rules. But, I guess that’s a good thing. If I was, I probably wouldn’t have written Touch. Or, anything for that matter. The thing is, sometimes it’s okay to start your sentences with but or and. Sometimes it’s all right to do a little telling. Got a character that talks in clich├ęs? If it fits his or her personality—then why not? It’s all about doing what works for you. It’s all about creating your own rules.

How many times have you gotten an awesome idea only to be told you shouldn’t pursue it? It’s too taboo, or not what the market is looking for. Screw that, and here’s why… Because you’re you. Who’s to say you won’t take that idea and put your own unique spin on it? If you’ve got a gut feeling, go for it. If you’re passionate about it, see it through. Look at it this way. Some of today’s bestselling books started life as highly criticized fanfic…

So, to summarize an extremely long, and sort of random ramble, screw their rules. Make your own. Everyone’s different. Embrace it.

Definitely an inspirational guest post for any aspiring writer out there! Love it!
Now I have another exciting announcement for you guys! The wonderful people at Entangled (and of course, the fabulous Jus, herself), have agreed to provide an eBook copy of Faceless for a giveaway here at Pen to Paper - and because it's an eBook, it's also international.
For your chance to win this incredible read, make sure you're following Pen to Paper via Google Friend Connect and enter via the Rafflecopter below.
Good luck!


erin said...

thanks for the great review! Definitely going to have to check out this series ;)

Meghan said...

It sounds like sitting down and just writing would be a hard task. The way the author describes it, I wonder if she comes to roadblocks in which she accidentally violates the rules of her own world. I would find that to be difficult and confusing.

mestith at gmail dot com

Alenette (Ari) said...

Thank you for this giveaway and great interview, by the way! I have been wanting to read this series because my friend read it :D

Mary Preston said...

Sometimes rules just don't fit the situation. Writing would be one of those I think.

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