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Straight by the Rules by Michelle Scott **Review & Guest Post**

This review is for an adult urban fantasy. It's also the third in the series. If you haven't read the other two in the series, but intend to, please read my review of book one, and/or book two.

Straight by the Rules by Michelle Scott
Series: Lilith Straight #3
Pages: 240
Publisher: Urban Fae Publications
Release date: 4th October 2012
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Thank you to Michelle for my review eBook

Goodreads synopsis:
This is a review for the third book in the series. If you haven't read books 1 and/or 2, then don't read this synopsis, as it may contain spoilers.
Although temptress Lilith Straight didn’t forge her contract with the Devil, she’s obligated to obey it. But upon hearing the dastardly details of her latest assignment, Lilith vows to wriggle out from under the Devil’s thumb one way or another. Unfortunately, Hell is in chaos, her bff is AWOL, and her eleven-year-old niece’s fascination with the supernatural is tempting her to explore the otherworld. If only William Darcy, the hottest demon in Hell, would put the brakes on his own ego and give her a hand, Lilith might stand a chance.

I adore this series! I knew, as soon as I started reading the first book, Straight to Hell, that I would really enjoy it, and by the time I'd finished it, I felt confident that I would end up loving the whole series - book two, Straight to Heaven, definitely helped to confirm this. And now that I've finished book three, I'm absolutely 100% sure that I will love every book in the series!

Straight by the Rules begins with something we've never seen before - an 'Authorized Personnel Only' door, that Lilith and her demon cannot enter - or could, but for once, her succubus is afraid! I was immediately drawn into the story by this. I had to know what was behind that door! This is a similar situation to being given a large, red button, with an attached sign that says 'Do not push' ... that button is getting pushed. It's the same with the door; eventually that thing is going to be opened. Without saying too much, when it is opened, and we find a possibly theory of what the doors are, this adds a really interesting, new dimension to not only the story, but also to Helen Spry's (Lilith's demon overlord's) character. What could possibly frighten her, and why? I really want to find out more, and see what else might be behind those doors!

If possible, Lilith's character was even more feisty in this book, than in the others. Okay, so she had her moments where she struggled, or cowered in fear, but when you work in hell, and your boss is Helen Spry, this is understandable! But the rest of the time, she was certainly at the top of her game - so much so, that she plots to beat Helen at her own game, and get one over on her, whilst still technically doing things by the rules. It took a lot of bravery on her part to do this (I'm not sure I could have done it), and to defy Helen in other ways as well, and because of this, I loved her even more!
At the end of the book, her character becomes even more interesting than before. There is a huge twist at the very end, that I'm obviously not going to give away, but it explains a couple of things about Lilith, including how she can enter Heaven, and do it without dying, and I can't wait to find out what else this means for her, and how her life will change because of it.

I also couldn't get enough of the new developments in her relationship with William Darcy, her Incubus counterpart. He'd spent the last two books doing pretty much nothing but try and get her into bed, but now she means a lot more to him than before (a lot more than he'd imagined she would).
This relationship has never been without its difficulties, but now it's even more complex than ever. Their relationship is definitely becoming a more passionate one, and there is more genuine care for one another on both sides. This is apparent from the first time we see them together in this novel. I really want to see how they manage to deal with what is inevitably going to come their way next.

So, this instalment in the series focuses on Lilith trying to find a way out of her contract with the devil (a curse  passed down to the first-born females in her family line, thanks to her ancestor, Sarah Goodswain), and also trying to do her job as a seductress, following the rules to the letter, whilst attempting to have something positive come out of her situation for all involved.
This is a difficult job on its own, but it's made worse by Miss Spry's new assistant, Deliliah, who can't quite get the hang of her job, and by the family drama that occurs (as usual) throughout the book. This family drama mostly revolves around Tommy and Jasmine. *I'm just going to warn again, before I continue, that this is a spoiler alert for the previous two books, so if you haven't read them yet, stop reading for now* As we know, Lilith had to seduce Tommy, as an order from Helen, and ever since then, even though he loves Jasmine, her sister, he can't get Lilith out of his head. She spends her free time trying to get the couple back together, but keeps hindering herself, thanks to her own succubus. I love how she dealt with this in the end - it just proves how strong she is as a character.

The only thing I think I'd change about the book (and this really is a marginal thing), would be that I'd want to see a little more of Grace, Lilith's daughter. I know that she was not an essential part of the plot of this book in the series (unlike Ari, her niece), but it would have been nice to see her come back from France, and round the novel off with Lilith and Grace being reunited. She's a really sweet little girl, so hopefully we'll see her early on in the next book!

And talking of the next book, I absolutely can't wait to find out what happens next - especially now that Lilith is no longer fighting her battle alone! (You'll have to read it to find out who and why!)
Another fantastically fun, entertaining and sexy read from Michelle Scott. I definitely recommend this series!

Just to top off my review off this wonderful third instalment in the Lilith Straight series by Michelle Scott, I also have a quick guest post from Michelle, where she tells us what Lilith is going to expect in the fourth book! I don't know about you, but I'm very excited!

"Over the past three years, writing about Lilith and William has become something of an addiction. I can’t imagine giving them up! I have a habit of talking about them as if they are real people (to the annoyance of my family), and I often find myself wondering if there are any otherworld doorways to Heaven or Hell in my house.
Right now, I’m working on the fourth installment in the series, a story that contains Lilith’s biggest challenges so far. Even though Lilith and William’s lives become more entwined, fate keeps trying to pull them apart. Miss Spry, Lilith’s devilish overlord, enlists a new recruit to make Lilith behave. William is haunted by a past mistake who won’t take no for an answer. Harmony, the guardian angel, is subjected to a few temptations of her own when she tangles with Lilith’s new downstairs neighbor. And Patrick Clerk proves that you’re never too old to discover a new love."

To purchase the eBooks of books one & two in the Lilith Straight series, click the images below to go to Smashwords and download in any eBook format.

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