Wednesday, 29 February 2012

The Book Lamp **Review**

The Book Lamp

Company: thatcompanycalledif
Product type: Book Light
RRP: £12.99

Available from: Amazon UK | Waterstones

My first impressions of The Book Lamp were really positive - it's definitely a cute product! I have seen loads of 'different' book lights over the past few years, with the same clip-on system to hold it to the book, but they have all been the same kind of thing, and have nearly all had the same problems; they're usually not bright enough, and the light isn't spread out far enough, and causes shadows over parts of the book. The difficulty this causes is that you have to keep moving the book around to cast the light onto the right place on the page as you're reading. The Book Lamp solves this though. The vintage-style lamp means that the light is spread further than a normal book light (which I hope you can see in the photo), and I found it much more effective than any other book light I've ever used.
Clipping it to a book is also really easy. The light comes with a weighted desk base (which you can see in the photo), but the light just clips into this and is really easy to remove. Just like other book lights, the bottom part of the Book Lamp has a grip on it, which you then attach to your book. I found that you need to put quite a few pages into the grip in order for it to stay securely, but this doesn't really present much of a problem. The light can be easily attached to the front or back of the book you're reading, depending on how far through the book you are.
As I've already said, light distribution over the pages is also fantastic, so you don't really have to worry about awkward shadows over parts of the pages.

If I had to pick out a couple of things about The Book Lamp that could be a little better, there are two minor points I've discovered.
There are two points on the light where you can change the angle of the light - which is great as it caters for differently sized books much more effectively than other lights do - however, the screws that tighten these points are not particularly strong and are easy to accidentally knock out of place, if you're not careful with them. This possibly isn't helped by my other minor point, which would be the weight of the head of the light. Because it's so large, it is quite heavy, but the biggest problem this causes, is the one I've already mentioned. The other problem that I could foresee with the weight, is that if you were reading a slightly less sturdy paperback, the page would flop over under the weight of it. I've not come across this problem yet, but I do have a few review books that are not as sturdy as finished copies, and a few American paperbacks, which are also a little on the floppy side, compared to the UK paperback. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will not be a problem though!

Overall, I really like The Book Lamp. It's cute, quirky, unique and effective. I don't think there is much more you could really want from a book light!


Carrie said...

This looks very cute! We have a couple of book lights, but they seemed to get a short in them very quickly. They do leave a shadow, but I can usually manipulate it to do a good job. Will keep this one in mind when I get ready to get a new one! (I use a book light a lot when using my Kobo. I just attach it to the cover and that works great.)

Pen to Paper said...

I'd not thought about attaching ordinary booklights to eReader covers, Carrie. That's an excellent idea. Although, I do have another review coming at the weekend, for a book light with an eReader adapter :) It's a great one, so look out for it!

Amy Jessica said...

Awh it looks so cute! Lovely blog, now following, hope you follow back :-)
much love

Taneika said...

I NEED THIS! Not for my books necessarily, but because it looks identical to the lamp in the Pixar movies! Love <3 New follower by the way :)

Stephanie Verhaegen said...

That's so cute! And I could totally use it. Nice!

Ashlyine Brooke said...

Your stuff are more than wow! And also the best way to make understand the things mentioned in it paper lamp shade idea is awesome.

Leilani Dawn Marie Firmeza Ortaliz said...

Does it have a wired connection to the electricity? How do you charge it?

Robert Nguyen said...

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